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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Going crazy

I'm having a hell of a time being AT ALL rational about my CHART. It just looks so... perfect and I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up but it is very, very hard. I had a really promising chart once a while back and it was a total bust and of course I am scared this one is, too.

What I haven't told people (on FF or on my regular blog) is that I tested tonight when I got home from work. BFN as expected. It's early, way too early for it to be a definitive BFN and stuff, but I definitely feel sad. This is why I am terrified to test.

I hope my temp is up again tomorrow. If it is, FF will call me triphasic and I will get another boost of hope. I will try not to test in the morning but I really and truly am going bonkers. I just need to know!

I have major control issues.

p.s. Major sadness for Bri and Wes, even though I don't know them.


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