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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

15 months!

(Whoops, I missed a month.)

talk like a pirate day

My little Punkin Pie,

Today you are 15 months old. You are one quarter of the way through your second year. Already. How does this happen?

Six days ago, you braved your first real steps. You walked about 4 steps from Mommy to me, and back again. Five days ago, you walked about 20 feet at the mall. Four days ago, you walked all over the grocery store. You go and go and go and go until you fall, and then you're stuck because you don't know how to stand. You default to knee-walking, which you have done for several months now. But you're walking! You're a walker! I am so proud of you.

You have started to add to your vocabulary a little bit and will now try to imitate words (when you are in the mood). The words you say most frequently are: bye-bye, duck, uh oh, dip, and up. Uh oh and up are new, and that's sort of how you roll - you get into a word for a week or two and then we never hear it again. Remember when you used to say baby? We haven't heard that in a million years. However, every five minutes your little arms go up in the air and you demand, "Up!" Other words you have said are: ball, cat, mama, star, and book. You used to say baby and baba, but those days are long gone. :) You still sign for more, but your favorite sign is eat.

You love to play with baby dolls - you will hug them, kiss them, pat their backs, and feed them bottles. You love your little farm and will put the animals in the barn if I ask you to. You love to play with rubber ducks and are still obsessed with phones and remotes. You still love books, and like to point at the pictures. You love to sing the ABCs, and your singing is very recognizable. I swear that one day you said, 'Now I know my ABCs.'

You are becoming a little picky with your eating and prefer kid junk like chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. You still like broccoli but we have to be creative with other vegetables. You can manage little sandwiches and big pieces of bananas, and you carefully take bites. You have learned how to 'dip dip dip' your grilled cheese in ketchup. You wag your finger at the cat when I say, "no no no!" when he jumps on the table. You are obsessed with utensils and plates... but most of the time they end up on the floor.

You are the cutest little toddler in the world and everyone absolutely adores you. You have quite the fan club and even got to meet your Canadian internet friend, Carys, in Niagara Falls last month. I can't wait until your vocabulary grows and I can hear everything that's on your cute little mind!

15 month check up stats: weight = 24lbs, height = 32.25".

I love you, baby girl.

wind-swept girl

about to walk


Blogger Shannie said...

Oh my goodness...look at you Lil' Punk! You are beautiful!


9:05 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

you know we "dip dip dip" here, too! so funny!

2:02 PM  
Blogger CD and SP said...

tooo cute! look at the beauty!

8:50 PM  

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