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Monday, February 26, 2007

How low can you go?

Every once in a while I get tired of wearing the same three pairs of maternity pants over and over and attempt to put on some of my pre-preg pants with a belly band. I can wear all of my "fat pants" from 30lbs+ pre-preg but I really prefer the nice trendy pants I was wearing right before I got knocked up. I put on one of my favorites today. I can still wear them (with the button and zipper wide open) because they are super low rise, wrap around your hips sort of pants.

Anyway, so I put them on today for the first time in a long while, and have learned a couple of valuable lessons:

1. I have put on some weight in my butt/hips. And probably thighs. Ugh.
2. The kid has pushed any bits of fat I had below the waist into above the waist locations, giving me a most astounding case of muffin top.
3. I am only not really showing in most clothes because this kid is really REALLY low. Sitting on my pelvis low. Because in these ultra low-rise pants, holy crap, there is a big-ass baby bump jutting out like Mt. Everest below my waist.

Perhaps I will have Jen take a picture tonight with accent on the muffin top area. Because it's really quite impressive.

(Of course that means that all of the above the waist pooch action is displaced fat and organs which is not nearly as sexy as a nice, high-riding baby!)

Gosh I would really like to wear these pants again someday. The normal, hot-looking way. :)


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