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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ahoy! Third trimester!

I'm 27 weeks pregnant today. In 10 weeks, we will be considered "full term." WOW. 10 weeks, really? There is so much to do!

I had a midwife appointment yesterday with TMIL (The midwife I love) and it was, of course, wonderful. She gives hugs on entrance and exit and is just so motherly and full of compliments and I just love her, love her, love her. I think I will cross my legs until she is on call.

I was expecting to gain 10 pounds this month because I ate like OINKY WOAH in Florida and because I feel like I've gotten a lot bigger this month. I was so sure of this that I didn't look at the scale when I was weighed but had to ask when TMIL came in. I needed to know. And it was *drum roll* FOUR POUNDS. Holy crap, I about died of shock. It looks like I have only gained 13lbs. since I arrived at this midwife practice (11 if you start from IUI day, I lost weight for a little while) which TMIL said was very good. I'm still 14lbs under my heaviest weight pre-Metformin so it's possible to "round out" (ha, I slay myself) this pregnancy at around where I started before I got the PCOS under control.

Speaking of PCOS, I had to drink the glucola yesterday as well. I don't drink soda or juice and had heard horror stories about how sweet it is, but it tasted just like I remember orange soda tasting. Then again, I haven't had orange soda since I was a little kid, so who knows? Either way, I pretended I was drinking this special glass of orange soda (well, styrofoam cup) and it wasn't too bad. Here's hoping I pass! I skipped my morning cereal in favor of an extra-large egg and a slice of cheese on some whole wheat toast with some vegan margerine - gross because I don't like eggs or dryish toast but I stuffed it down in the hopes that I would avoid sugar shock. It worked, I didn't even feel all that buzzed, though the kid did. Fun!

Blood pressure hasn't changed in the last couple of months. It was really low at first (like 100/60) but has been living in the 120/70 range at my last couple of visits. Urine was fine as well, I guess. (They didn't say.) Basically, TMIL said that everything looked great and she thought I was doing a great job.

I told her about the pelvic pain and some of the random pains I've had on and off, and told her that I expected that these were normal and if they were not, they would be more intense or more regular or something. She basically said yes, that if something was happening, it would be more than a pinchy cervix to give it away. I then swallowed a little and asked, "What do I do if there is a midwife here that I don't like?" I decided not to give a big detailed thing, just a general question. She was very sweet about it and suggested that I meet with that midwife and try to work it out, but that if I didn't want to, I could always put it in my chart. I told her that I was okay with having another appointment with her, but that I absolutely did not think we would mesh well at all in an intense labor and delivery situation. She seemed to think it was not a big deal, that I could get it noted somewhere and they would work something out. I LOVE HER.

She said I didn't have to switch to two-weekers yet since everything seems great, so I go back May 1st, which is (*gulp*) 30w6d. Then I will make the switch. Also, I will meet another of the midwives that day. I met her for about 5 minutes once, 5 terrible minutes - she is the one who was sent in to tell us what we had already known from our 10w1d ultrasound - that we lost our second baby. She was a little less hopeful than I would have liked ("You will probably go home and start cramping. Call us if you bleed more than a pad an hour.") but I think that she was just trying to prepare us for the worst since I went in with bleeding. I don't know. We'll see what happens in a month.

Cross your fingers for good blood glucose numbers!!


Blogger Kathryn - partner of Donna said...

We're keeping all our fingers crossed for you!

4:36 AM  
Blogger Co said...

I hope the blood glucose is excellent.

8:08 AM  

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