The Frankenbaby Chronicles

Two girls, three cats, some frozen sperm, a doctor's office, and a big dream.

Monday, March 26, 2007


For a while I was feeling some pretty rockin' movement first thing in the morning. It was kind of a nice wake up to my day... Jen would go to work, I would dabble on the internet for a little bit and then Frankenbaby would start moving all over the place. I would take a break from the computer and watch the skin on my belly jump all over.

I think she's moved to a new position because now a lot of the movement I feel is from the inside (like she's kicking me in the butt!) instead of the outside... and she also seems to be smooshed over on my right side this morning. Weird!

Vacation seems to have changed her sleep/wake cycle as well, as now she is REALLY active (sometimes uncomfortably so) right when I am trying to get settled into bed. Her evening wake up used to be around 8-9pm, now is more like 11pm! I guess it's a preparation for things to come.

Still, I hope this decreased activity is just a little phase and she will be back to her crazy self that gets my belly moving all over the place. I really like watching that.



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