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Sunday, June 03, 2007


1. In a couple of days, we will be 36 weeks! OH MY GOD. (Although for whatever reason I am expecting to go late.)

2. We are headed to Boston for a baby shower today. I hope it's a fun time! It will be nice to see people, and Jen has agreed to do all of the driving. (Yay!)

3. We went to a little blog get-together yesterday orchestrated by Eryn & Amy. We got to see Lo and Co, J and S, C and S, Kate the foster mama and her adorable charge - did I miss anyone? I always seem to miss someone. We had yummy lunch at Northampton Brewery and then ice cream at Herrell's. We spent 4 hours chatting. It was nice to meet some new folks, although it ended up being a bit of a babyfest since three couples are pregnant. I hope the two couples who are not (YET!) pg didn't feel left out or sad.

Either way, I hope we get to see more of C&S since they don't live too far, and Lo and Co since they have family in the area, and Kate is close by, too. I love meeting new cool people!

4. This humidity is giving me fankles. I won't call them cankles because they're not swollen above the ankle and I still have a nice delineation between calf and ankle... they're swollen BELOW the ankle bone so they make my teeny heels look even teenier. Ha ha ha!


Blogger Lo said...

We loved meeting you! Hope to get together again, in the not too distant future. Certainly to meet baby A!!!

9:44 PM  

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