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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Midwife Visit, 32w6d

Ambiguity does NOT make me feel better.

I saw The Midwife I Love today, and even TMIL does not make me feel better when she is being ambiguous.

BP is still weird. The systolic BP (top number) is still creeping up, has been for several weeks, and is still in the 130s. The diastolic BP (bottom number) has not budged and is still in the 60s. WTF? I have gone from, "This is no big deal," to "We should watch this." Great.

Fundal height measured 29.5cm. As in 29 weeks. At 33 weeks tomorrow, this is concerning to me. TMIL says, "Well, you have always measured about 3cm behind." I have? Haven't I been asking about being small from like Minute One? And I thought 2 weeks ago I was 29cm, that's what the other midwife told me, but TMIL said I was 28cm? TMIL says, "Since I last saw you 6 weeks ago, you have grown 6cm." She says it is not a big deal, but I could get an ultrasound if I wanted to.

Of course I don't want an ultrasound if I can avoid it. I want someone to tell me the baby is FINE!!

In good news, baby was head down today. So there is hope on that front. You know, if I don't end up induced from HBP or IUGR or whatever. *sigh*


Blogger Kathryn - partner of Donna said...

What a nightmare! You'd think they realise how much we need reasurance and advice you if you should have an ultrasound or not.

**sigh along with you**

11:36 AM  

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