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Sunday, June 10, 2007


I wonder when we'll officially make it to "baby watch." You know, when the midwife says the baby can come at any time. Soon, I imagine. I know that we hit the infamous "full term" on Wednesday. Like, THIS Wednesday. Wow.

Movement has definitely changed, and like everything else, makes me nervous. There's no room for jarring movements, just stretches and things, and they seem slower now, like it takes effort. I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I'm sure we'll be asking about it just in case.

We totally procrastinated on finding a pediatrician but now we're making progress on that, which makes me feel better. I also think I will go to the fire station this week to get the car seat checked. I've put in a lot of car seats thanks to previous child and family jobs, but a little double check can't hurt. I washed the last little bit of baby clothes we were given at our Boston shower, so all that's left to wash are the knitted gifts. (Delicate cycle.)

My college roommate is here visiting for the weekend, and aside from eating a lot and watching a lot of television, we also were graced with a Blue Dog quilt (that she painted herself!) and handmade curtains for our baby's room. While I was at work on Friday, she turned our living room into a sweatshop where she did not eat or drink until I got home and the quilt was done. It looks AMAZING, and I am excited to get all of that into the nursery so I can finally post photos. It is looking so dang cute in there - and looks like we'll have it done before 37w! (Phew.)

The other thing that is kicking my butt is constipation. Oof. I guess I finally need to break down and take something for that. All of my previous "home remedies" (raisin bran, decaf coffee, fast food) have stopped working. Uh oh.

Someday I will find time to upload previous belly shots and things. I am a very lax baby blogger these days. Just think of how bad it will be when Frankie comes!


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