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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poor baby!

In the past week,

1. We switched the baby to cloth diapers (yay!) at the same time that she seemed to decide that squirting out a little bit of poop every hour was a good idea. So not only did we go through a whole boatload of cloth diapers, she also completely and totally blew her little butt out. It is SO red and painful and puffy, and trying to change/wipe her is torture for our little peanut! So for the time being, we went back to the disposables so we can load her up with butt cream. Once we get some butt cream that is safe for cloth diapers, or some paper liners, it's back on. But her poor little butt! It is awful.

2. We found out the baby has reflux and is regurgitating stomach acid. She had been spitting up a lot but also was getting really agitated and uncomfortable, arching her back and stuff, and the pedi says this is all from heartburn. So now we have to give her Tagamet four times a day. FOUR TIMES! More torture for the peanut. :( She hates it and I can't say I blame her - it smells. Hopefully it will do the trick though and she will feel better.

3. Our punk seems to be a night owl. She's taken to wanting to sleep all day and be up all night. "Up all night" translates to screaming because when she is more awake and agitated (like when we are trying to get her to sleep and she doesn't want to) she is more likely to have more reflux/coughing/choking/upset. I'm not really into "scheduling" kids but we need to figure out a way to switch that around a little bit. Poor punk!

That's about it over here. Pain and sadness for the punk. Exhaustion, stress, and worry for the moms. (But she's cute!)


Blogger Holly said...

Poor little baby girl! Her poor bottom!

Andrew had/has reflux and is on Zantac. We doubled checked with the pediatrician after his initial prescription was filled and the other doctor had us to 1 ml 2x a day instead of doing 3-4 times a day of a lesser amount. Andrew is fine with it, plus the pharmacy gave us grape flavor and he loves it! So much better than the awful smelling original flavor!

Good luck!

2:52 PM  

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