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Friday, November 30, 2007

4month check-up

Punk had her 4month well-baby checkup last week, even though she was 4months, 3weeks old. Whoops.

She weighed 15lbs 13oz, which shot her up to the 77th percentile for weight (up from about 59th)!
She was 26 inches tall (88th percentile)! Holy tall baby! No wonder her footies are too tight!

Her reflux is improving and she is desperately trying to become more independent. She now will arch her back and scream if you are trying to do something she doesn't like (try to rock her to sleep, hold her close, put her in the car seat). She makes screeches and fake coughs. She can blow rasperries, and sometimes will do them in imitation of us! (She is so smart.)

At her appointment, the pedi noticed that her hip adductor muscles were really tight (it is hard to push her legs apart) and referred us for a hip ultrasound to make sure her hips were not abnormal in some way. We had the ultrasound today and unofficially, her hips are normal. Thank goodness! We are meeting with an orthopedist to ask about the limited range of leg movement on Monday, though.

She is getting so so so big! She will be 5 months old tomorrow!!


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