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Sunday, March 01, 2009

20 months!

Punkin Pie,

You are 20 months old. You are rounding the corner to 2. I can hardly believe it! You have moved into what I call the "Parts" phase of childhood. All of your favorite toys involve a lot of parts! Some of the things you are interested in include: Mr. Potato Head, a toy train set, a box of crayons, and play food. Here is proof:

making potato heads


We have been spending a lot of time with your great-grandparents in Rhode Island. Great-Grandpa has end-stage pancreatic cancer and we are trying to log in lots of quality time and photographic memories. I know you will probably not remember the good times you are having with him, so let me remind you that you are really enjoying playing Potato Heads with him and showing him all of your toys.

punk and her great-grandparents 2

I am impressed daily with your verbal skills. You have added so many words to your vocabulary that it seems like you can say everything! You put two and three words into little sentences and have become really good at getting your point across. K, your child care provider, is always remarking on your verbal abilities. She cares very much for you and you like her an awful lot.

You have a big obsession with Super Why, probably because it feeds into your obsession with the alphabet. You love the foam letters and numbers in the bath tub, and the Leap Frog letters on the refrigerator. You can identify so many letters by name now, as well as colors and shapes. You are turning into such a big girl!

I love watching you learn and grow.



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