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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some belly action

31 weeks, rockin' the maternity overalls:

31 weeks

32 weeks, rockin' the weird face:

32 weeks


Blogger The Fonaholics said...

Oh My God!!! I am so glad you posted the picture of the Maternity Overalls, I cant wait to show Kim when she gets home, that is just what she wants to live in when she gets pregnant, no girly maternity clothes for her, she is really worried about what she can wear and still maintain her butch identity... Mermaidgrrl has offered to put funky side panels into her existing wardrobe so she can still wear her jeans and t-shirts without goin all girly like!! Your belly is gettin BIGGER, i am sure you are gonna be huge when the day comes!! The baby is just takin their time...Enjoy!

12:25 AM  

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