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Friday, June 15, 2007

So we are still married...

Because the House defeated the stupid marriage ban amendment. So we still get to have legal family status and hope for the same for others like us out there in Massachusetts...

Before we stared this whole "let's have a baby" journey - I told Jude that I wanted us to live somewhere where we and any children we would have would be protected under the law. And here we are....and here she comes....

I would do anything for my family - for my wife and our child and I am relieved and incredibly happy that enough of the majority of our lawmakers agree that allowing a vote that advocates discrimination against the minority is wrong and that they believe that the freedom to marry should not be denied based on one's gender - as the state constitution demands.

I feel a little more secure in the future of my family. I can't wait until all I have to worry about is her dating and growing up and helping save the environment....and not about whether or not discrimination will be written into law.


Anonymous rach said...

What you're doing with your life is awesome-I don't know you, nor will I probably ever meet you, but be strong. I wish you and your family the absolute best.

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? Not natural...I can only imagine the animal kingdom if all animals were this ridiculous...extinction...that is what we would have. So you want to be married, what will we have to endure next? Oh, uh, I have the right to be married to whatever I want, and I choose to have a loyal companionship with my sandbox. Yes, my sandbox. Now where do I have to move so that all people, governments, and laws will accept my love for a sandbox? What a dilemma in which I find myself. And damned it…Toyota better make a car that will accommodate my sandbox in the front seat…or I will sue every last organization on this face of this non-same-sex is the way that babies are made planet!

6:04 PM  

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