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Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh, the irony!

1. We spent weeks avoiding pacifiers and things so we wouldn't give the baby "nipple confusion." And now that we WANT the baby to take a bobo, because the sucking and swallowing is supposed to help with reflux, she wants nothing to do with them. We have tried three completely different kinds, and she spits them all out. She will suck out of any different kind of bottle/nipple, but won't TOUCH the bobo. Heh. Nipple confusion, my butt.

2. Punk has a wicked diaper rash that looks almost like a big, open scrape. Because of this, we wanted to give her a bunch of naked time to air out. So of course the last three days have been so cold that it's in the 60s in the house, and I don't feel comfortable leaving her exposed when it's so chilly! Where is the warm, summer weather so I can lay my baby's nakie bum in the sun so it can get better?


Blogger Hope said...

1) We did that with Q, too. The only pacifier she has ever liked is the old-school gerber latex one. Silicon = evil Orthodontic = evil This is the biggest picture I can find.

2) Is the rash yeasty? That's sort of what it sounds like from the description. You can google it, but the pictures are horrifying. Q's never had anything as bad as that. If so, you can slather on some athlete's foot or jock itch cream.

7:20 PM  
Blogger megan said...

hope has basically said as much, but yeah, our key to binkie success was wasting a whole lot of $$ on different kinds. and it turns out she really, really hates silicone. doesn't make any sense, since she took the bottle nipple just fine. but there you go. the bink that we ended up with (do check out the pic hope put up) is truly horrifying and frankly i'm surprised they are still out on the market. do what you have to do. even when other people look at you and wonder why you saved binks from the 70s.

i wouldn't toss the spitted-out bobos just yet, because babies do seem to adept at changing their minds.

i hope gus's bum is feeling better. i remember feeling so sad about quinn's first bout with diaper rash--her perfect, unblemished skin had its first snafu. but then i got over that. and you just want it to feel better....

12:03 PM  
Blogger CD & SP said...

i kept putting my friend's baby's bobo in upside-down last night. DOH!! i wish we could go to bbq, but unfortunately we have (yet another) wedding to attend tomorrow =( the 5th and last of the summer!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks guys. We have now bought every kind of paci on the planet, and she just isn't into them. She will suck that newborn soothie kind if she's really hungry or upset, but it falls out all the time so that basically sucks. Pun intended. ;)

As for diaper rash, I think she just has super sensitive skin. Cloth or disposable, cream or vaseline or spray or airing out, she's making rashes as quickly as we can get rid of them. ARGH!

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Your Nipple Covers said...

Awww... I hope your baby is fine and can be fed through bottles or recognizes pacifiers. Just keep on trying and perhaps the nipple confusion will be corrected.

OTOH, it looks like your baby is also hypersensitive to diapers. I think there are hypoallergenic diapers available. And also put on some diaper cream to mend those icky diaper rash.

5:37 AM  

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