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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Baby Care 101

Since I have returned to work full time and Jude has been the stay at home mom - I have by turns felt incapable of the veritable magic that Jude produces with the baby and worried that I will never learn....

And sometimes I get it right and I realize it's just that Jude has had more opportunity with Gus than I have and I can produce my own magic - I type this as I listen to her sleeping on the baby monitor. Sleeping because she was cranky and tired and I got her to go to sleep - by myself.

Our little Gus likes to sleep but hates falling asleep as much as she hates waking up before she is good and ready. It's always a trip. Up until, today, actually, Jude has been doing the bulk of getting August to sleep and I have done other things, like cook dinner or work. I had promised this week we would switch roles so I could learn more and Jude could cook dinner. So this week it will be my responsibility and this morning's success definitely helps. It also is good since this was Jude's turn to go to Church.

Yay for sleeping baby.

But for all you Gus fans out there I leave you with this....


Because she is the cutest baby EVER!


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