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Friday, May 01, 2009

22 months!

Toddler Pride

My dear Punk,

You are 22 months old. In just two months, you will be two years old. How can that be? It doesn't seem like that is even remotely possible. Yet at the same time, I can hardly remember the tiny newborn bundle I brought home from the hospital, or the little imp at last year's first birthday party. You are growing into quite a kid.

You have so much personality and zest for life. You tend to experience everything at 100%. It's either all great or all terrible. You are either shouting with excitement or shouting in frustration. You have never been one to throw temper tantrums, but lately you have been overwhelmed with your desires to get your way... even if that changes from one minute to the next!

You continue to be obsessed with television and will talk about probably every character on every show. Lately you have wanted to take about Wonder Pets and Max and Ruby, even though you are not interested in either of these shows. You continue to enjoy Super Why, Curious George, and Blue's Clues. You still insist on a Curious George book every night before bed, although your obsession has moved on to Curious George Goes to the Ice Cream Shop.

Your language continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and now you frequently speak in full sentences (subject-verb-object). You have added some cute phrases and questions into your vocabulary, such as, "Guess what, Mama?" and "Where going?" You understand everything and try to get in the middle of everything going on around you. You want to be wherever we are and do whatever we do. Today you decided you were making 'cat food.' You are such a trip.

We have started saying prayers together every night and when it's time to go to bed, you insist, "Prayers! Prayers, Mama!" but always remind me, "'I Love You' first!" (We always sing the Barney 'I Love You' song before bed.) It is one of my favorite times of day.

Being your mama is all I have ever wanted in my life. Thank you.



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