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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Corn Maze

It was time for the annual trip to the corn maze. Mike's Maze, to be specific. Best in the area. This year's maze celebrated Charles Darwin's 200th birthday.

Punk enjoyed climbing on the hay bales with the big kids.

mike's maze 2009

mike's maze 2009

And of course she loved the pumpkins!

mike's maze 2009

mike's maze 2009

When it was time to enter the corn maze, I strapped her on my back for the long haul.

mike's maze 2009

mike's maze 2009

She liked it for about 30 minutes, but she doesn't particularly like to be contained. There was no way she could free-range in a giant corn maze. No way in hell. So I spent the last hour of trying to solve the puzzle of the maze listening to her alternate between whining and hollering. And begging to hold the flag they give you in case they have to locate you. And hitting me with it.

(Re: the puzzle - this year's puzzle involved finding certain checkpoints in the maze and solving for the family/class of animal, and then finding the rubber stamp of that animal, and then stamping the circle on the map that corresponded to where you found that stamp. Have you SEEN the size of this maze? You had to REALLY be aware of where you were on the map so you could stamp the right circles. Even with Senorita Screamy Pants, I managed to correctly stamp all 13 circles we located. We gave up on the last 2 because I couldn't take it anymore, and it was getting chilly.)

Here is our completed map and victory pumpkin.

mike's maze 2009

For comparison, here is a little throwback to our excursion last year:

yay! punkins!

We live in such a beautiful area. I love being able to take advantage of neat things like this and sharing them with my little prodigy.


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dude, i hear ya on the ergo fight. I love my ergo almost more than pants...maybe more than pants sometimes. Anyway, our guy doesn;t feel the same way. We get it out or pick it up and it's no. no. no want. He's 20 months old.

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