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Monday, September 11, 2006

A little update

Ultrasound and bloodwork today, after 5 days of 75 units of Follistim. Estradiol was 82. I had a 13.5mm follicle on the left and a whole bunch that were under 12. Not too much going on with Righty - some stuff under 10mm. (Last month, the two good follicles I had were on the right. I guess they're taking turns.) Nurse seemed to think that things were rising nicely, though I would REALLY like to see a couple more lead follicles, please.

75 units of Follistim again tonight and tomorrow, and then a repeat of the ultrasound and bloodwork on Wednesday morning.

Jen is getting offered a job in Amherst, and our Western Mass move is really moving forward. The job is coming way ahead of the babymaking, though, which means she will likely move there a month or more before me. Gosh, that will suck.

Please oh please let us be successful this cycle so that I can move out to be with her sooner. I know I should stay where I am until I get my last BFN or until I get a heartbeat detected, but ugh... I don't want to be without my wife!


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