The Frankenbaby Chronicles

Two girls, three cats, some frozen sperm, a doctor's office, and a big dream.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I start my new job today. I haven't worked AT ALL since the day after Thanksgiving, when I left my last job. It seems like so long ago but I have had so much bleeding and spotting since then, so I'm nervous. It's just a part time job, 5.5 hours a day and pretty much all sitting, but I'm still nervous. It will be good for me to get out though, I'm sure.

Things seem to be getting lighter on the spotting front - not just in quantity but in color. Most of the time it is a light tan. I don't know what this means but it's kind of freaky. I will ask the midwife about it on Friday when I see her. I am also going to really push with questions and ask if I should go see a specialist about all of this spotting. It will be 7 weeks strong on Friday. I mean, that's a long time.

The cats have now caught another mouse. Yuck! A friend came up over the weekend and helped Jen de-mouse-ify the basement (sucked up all food and poop, sealed off all cracks and holes) so hopefully it's only a matter of time. As if we need more things to be stressed about.

On the symptom front, all I do is cry anymore, usually about whether or not Jen loves me or something. It's really quite ridiculous and I always seem to have big tears coming out of my eyes. My boobs are super sensitive again so maybe something's growing up there. That would be nice. I'd also really like to look pregnant instead of fat.

Used the doppler yesterday and heard Frankenbaby loud and clear. That's nice.


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