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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Yesterday I got a little casual anatomy scan at my midwife appointment, which was pretty sweet. We originally scheduled this ultrasound as a follow-up to the Big Bleeding Ultrasound but since we have the doppler and haven't had any more bleeding, it was more for fun.

So the sonographer, who is awesome and doesn't believe in that "I will just do the ultrasound and the doctor will have to talk to you" stuff showed me EVERYTHING. I mean, some of the stuff she was pointing out meant nothing to me, but she said it was there and I believe her. She pointed out: head, two hemispheres of the brain, eyes, eyelids, nose, mouth, spine, ribcage, heart, belly with umbilicus, stomach, kidneys, bladder, arms and hands (with fingers), legs. She did arm length and leg length measurements and didn't seem concerned, and Frankenfetus measured 14w1d. I have been one day behind at every ultrasound there so at least Frankie is consistently growing! She checked heart rate but didn't tell it to me, but then when I saw the midwife she whipped out the doppler and heard that same "galloping horse" sound we hear at home and said it sounded very strong. So all in all, it was an exceedingly positive visit.

I have a swollen tonsil right now. I have a problem tonsil that gets recurrent abcesses from time to time (I really need to just get them removed and get on with it) but haven't had a really bad infection since 2003. But when I went into the midwife yesterday, she took one look at me and wigged out. I was trying to get by with Tylenol, but she was very concerned that it would get worse or start causing fevers so she made me go next door to the ER for some IV antibiotics and some take home antibiotics. I ended up with Clindamycin which is a heavy antibiotic for hard-core infections (esp. oral). I've taken it before but certainly never pregnant, so of course I am paranoid about the baby. I looked it up and it's Category B, and my midwife assured me that it is very safe, so I am trying to just chill about it.

I just keep telling myself that I got to see a good portion of Frankie's anatomy yesterday so the antibiotics can't really screw up with the development, right? Anyway, that's my story... and the antibiotics are just 10 days of an almost 300 day pregnancy. We're just nervous because we've had so many problems and things had JUST started being stress-free.

Aah well, welcome to the world of parenthood, right?


Blogger hope said...

So much wonderful news! It is such a relief to see all those bits and pieces, isn't it? Our doc did all of Quinn's USs, but was never very chatty during them.

Think of the antibiotics as helping the growth environment become better/healthier/whatever. You have to take care of you to take care of both of you. Duh, I know, but still...

Hope your throat feels better soon!

US pics?

6:39 AM  

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