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Monday, June 18, 2007

I think we are in T-minus......

I am not sure T-minus what exactly - but it's getting there.

99% of the baby room is done. What is left is the two Ikea boxes that I need to finish spray painting and then mount on the walls for the cloth diapers. I need to pick up a new can of Colonial red today after work!

We didn't do much this weekend but relax - and saw Jude's family for father's day. This was good!
I do need to do the following this week:

Mow the lawn
Spray paint and install boxes for diapers
clean the bathroom and the kitchen
Organize basement to locate : Jude's children's books and my old video camera

The bag for the hospital and the baby bag are pretty much ready. Only things missing from them that I know of, are cameras and phone chargers. Oh and a couple of games. Hrmm...gotta work on that. I also need to take out emergency cash for the big day and pick up some snacks that can sit for a while.

This week we also continue to interview pediatricians and have our last birthing class. Jude is getting her car seat installed on Wednesday and I will have to schedule mine to be checked the following week. Though mine is a back up right at this point.

We have been doing some heavy duty discussing about trips this year - for a wedding, for thanksgiving for christmas. Come on people we have to start figuring out NOW because we will have a baby soon!

This morning I left Jude at home with the cats and I already miss her so much. I like being able to just reach over and touch her shoulder or the belly or her hand. Even if it's just a moment among many throughout the day - it holds me over.

I cannot wait for our baby to come and also I am still mightily afraid of the unknown....makes for wonderful dreams!

p.s. It's already 80 something degrees in my office this morning....and it's not even 9 AM yet. *sucks*


Anonymous A said...

Sounds like you guys are on top of things! I think they call this nesting...

10:13 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

Wow - you guys are prepared!
We kept our hospital bag in the car for weeks!
The one thing I forgot was shampoo and conditioner. We spent 2.5 days in the hospital and all I had was the hospital shower "body wash". Yuck.
Good luck ladies!

10:42 AM  

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