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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bottom of the 5th

Well, we did what the doctor said and triggered on Thursday night for IUIs on Friday and Saturday mornings. In true "this cycle is doomed" fashion, I woke up on Friday morning feeling like I got hit by a bus - all over body aches, low-grade fever, sore joints, fatigue. I am feeling a little better now but I am of course concerned that the illness will be yet another thing that messes with this cycle's chances.

Our frozen donor, however, was a total superstar again. We got 20million total motile on Friday (62million/59% motile) and 19million total motile on Saturday (70million/54% motile)... so from the swimmer end the cycle was a good one. We used up our last two vials of this dude, though, so if this cycle doesn't work we need to choose someone else for our last IUI. I hoe it doesn't come to that because I've become quite attached to this dude's numbers and don't know if I can find another as good!

So now we sit and wait for the next two weeks while we overanalyze everything. I decided not to temp this cycle because I was always going ridiculously crazy over every little fluctuation in temperature... so I'm hoping by NOT temping I will be able to chill a little. We'll see how that goes.

We're hoping not to test before beta this time around. We've never done that. Ask me again in about 10 days. ;)


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