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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two Weeks!

Holy carp, our due date is two weeks from today! TWO WEEKS.

Midwife appointment on Monday (37w5d): Up 1.5 pounds (total gain now 30.5lb from when I started with midwives, 28.5lb from successful IUI); BP a respectable (for late pregnancy) 124/80; Baby heartrate in the 150s; Fundal height 33cm (down 1cm from last week, which means either she dropped a little or she is eating herself, you be the judge); No pain, bleeding, contractions, or swelling; Urine good; Group B Strep negative. So they pretty much kicked me out after 5 minutes and said, "See you next week!" I got to meet one of the OBs in the practice (all of the midwives were booked) and she was very sweet and very pregnant. Maybe I will stick with them for my regular GYN care.

Birth Center Pre-Registration appointment on Monday: I brought in all of the signed consent forms and handed in the Birth Center's "birth plan" form. It's kind of silly because the Birth Center's policies coincide with all of the things I would put on a birth plan (no IVs, limited cervical checks, no strapped-on monitoring, freedom to move and eat at will, etc.) although I did attach a rider that explained a little bit about our lost twin and how we are kind of neurotic now. Apparently that needs to be signed by my midwife. And I learned something very interesting - it is apparently illegal for a hospital/birth center to give you your placenta, as it is "medical waste." However, I was told on the DL by the nurse that they will slip it to us if we bring our own cooler and "keep it on the low." (We want to bury it, just in case it has twinbits in it.) Interesting.

Birth Class: Last class was last night. One of the couples officially didn't make it to the end (our birth class had insane and irritating scheduling) and had their baby last Monday. They were due July 1st. EEK! But we did it - we made it all the way through!

Medical Proxy Form: Signed and witnessed. Check.

Car Seat Install by Cute Fireman: Done this morning. My car isn't designed to use LATCH in the rear center (only the sides), so we used the seatbelt. Makes me a little nervous but I am going with it for now. Cute Fireman also gave me this sticker of "emergency info" (kid's name, parents' names, pediatrician's name, etc.) to stick on the back of the car seat in case of an accident. Good idea. He also checked the seat for recalls. He was very nice.

Choosing a Pediatrician: I met one last week that I Do. Not. Like. Jen and I are going together to a large peds practice this afternoon. Large practices are both good and bad in my opinion. Good because most (like this one) are open 7/wk 365/yr and you can get sick appointments relatively quickly. Bad because you might not always get the doc you like, and they might be more sticklery on stuff. I'm meeting another recommended pediatrician on Friday afternoon who is in a private practice - she was recommended by a girl in birth class. By the weekend, we will have a decision and a pediatrician! (Phew.)

Co-sleeper: Put together, just needs to be attached to the bed.

Wow. Pretty soon we'll be coming home with a BABY. It really hit home when that couple from birth class showed up last night with their new new newborn and their glazed, sleep-deprived faces. Woah.


Blogger Co said...

It's so exciting how close you are.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Jude said...

Come on out, baby!

2:06 PM  

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