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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bottom of the 6th

This is a weird cycle. I don't know what to think.

For starters, my last IUI (36 hours after trigger) was the most painful IUI I have ever had. The woman seemed to have a hard time getting the catheter in and had to jiggle it or something. OUCH! That has never happened before. I also had some bright red spotting (just a little) afterwards which has also never happened.

I had more follicles than I'd ever had and my E2 was higher than ever (in the 700s at trigger).

I have had weird pains ever since my IUIs. Sometimes I think it is gas pain but other times I think it is ovary pain. Maybe I have some cysts? Or a touch of OHSS? I haven't puffed up or gained water weight or anything so I'm not sure what to think.

My post-O temps are the highest ever. Usually I have about 4 days of slow rise before I hit the 98s. This cycle I hit the 98s at 3dpo and they have been high (98.4, 98.3, etc.). I'm guessing it's because I had more corpus luteums so I have more progesterone... but who knows?

I have had a lot of creamy CM almost every day since the IUIs. I have never ever had creamy CM on my toilet paper (sorry TMI)... but a couple of times I have had GLOBS of it. Weird.

So I'm hoping, of course, that all of these oddities mean good things. But only time will tell!


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