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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Things I am currently trying to read too much into:

1. Heartburn for the last two to three days on and off. Currently on. Very on.

2. The boobs, they are bothering me. Not just sore nipples, because ovulation and the trigger shot totally do that to me every time, but the actual boobs. Like, if I squish them, I feel it. (And they're not very big.) I also have been psyching myself up that they are a little swollen, but I'm not sure. They looked bigger in my shirt today, and when I went to sign "mine" for a little kid today, I felt like my boob got in the way in a way I wasn't familiar with.

3. The temps - they've stayed high high except for yesterday morning. Implantation dip? Funny sleeping pattern?

Since I've never really had anything other than weird temp patterns to obsess about, this is kind of a nice change. Although it could TOTALLY all blow up in my face.

Lots of women on the TTC boards get their BFPs on their last cycle before moving on to IVF. I'd like to be one of those women!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds promising....... let's hope this it is!!

5:20 AM  

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