The Frankenbaby Chronicles

Two girls, three cats, some frozen sperm, a doctor's office, and a big dream.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

8 months!

I am more than a little late on this one. I haven't even taken pictures. 8 months = slackeroo!

Here is what has been going on since 7 months:
- 2 bottom teeth
- crawling like mad all over the house
- climbing over things
- kneeling up on things, playing in a high kneel
- eating a whole lotta food (mostly stage 2/3 purees and some finger foods)
- still a sleeping nightmare (5-8 wakeups per night)
- loves to chase the cats around

She hasn't really done too much "new" stuff lately, but she does tend to like to do them in spurts. I'm trying to teach her to wave but trying to teach Punk to do anything is like trying to teach the cats to clean their own litter box.

We are trying, once again, to get her to sleep without the swaddle. It is p-a-i-n-f-u-l. Ugh.