The Frankenbaby Chronicles

Two girls, three cats, some frozen sperm, a doctor's office, and a big dream.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I am starting to feel like a pregnant lady. Today I was supposed to be packing up our house all day. I packed about 5 boxes and then sweet-talked Jen into laying down with me for a while and I took a nap. I am SO not a nap taker. Now I think I am ready for bed even though I have done N-O-T-H-I-N-G today. I hope this apartment plans to start packing itself!

I also have one boob that is starting to be sore. I know, just one. But I have two dramatically different sized boobs (way TMI) and the little one hasn't bothered me at all. Poor little guy! Maybe he will catch up to the other one eventually.

Otherwise nothing else to report over here. Whee!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Beta was 260. Or maybe it was 270. I was a little flustered. I think 260, though. I had to ask a second time. I think I said, "Can you tell me that number again because I was totally not paying attention?" and the nurse laughed and said I was cute. I said, "No way, just telling the truth."

Wow, they are way nicer to you on the phone when you are pregnant.

Also, they apparently don't do repeat betas at my clinic unless your intial is under 100. Most places do 2 or 3. They said I could ask for another if I am feeling like I need one. They do not know how neurotic I am. HA! (Seriously, though, I am trying not to ask for one.) Ultrasound on the 7th (5w6d). Good times.

Monday, October 23, 2006


answer early tests

dollar tree tests


Best. Birthday. Ever.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Things I am currently trying to read too much into:

1. Heartburn for the last two to three days on and off. Currently on. Very on.

2. The boobs, they are bothering me. Not just sore nipples, because ovulation and the trigger shot totally do that to me every time, but the actual boobs. Like, if I squish them, I feel it. (And they're not very big.) I also have been psyching myself up that they are a little swollen, but I'm not sure. They looked bigger in my shirt today, and when I went to sign "mine" for a little kid today, I felt like my boob got in the way in a way I wasn't familiar with.

3. The temps - they've stayed high high except for yesterday morning. Implantation dip? Funny sleeping pattern?

Since I've never really had anything other than weird temp patterns to obsess about, this is kind of a nice change. Although it could TOTALLY all blow up in my face.

Lots of women on the TTC boards get their BFPs on their last cycle before moving on to IVF. I'd like to be one of those women!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bottom of the 6th

This is a weird cycle. I don't know what to think.

For starters, my last IUI (36 hours after trigger) was the most painful IUI I have ever had. The woman seemed to have a hard time getting the catheter in and had to jiggle it or something. OUCH! That has never happened before. I also had some bright red spotting (just a little) afterwards which has also never happened.

I had more follicles than I'd ever had and my E2 was higher than ever (in the 700s at trigger).

I have had weird pains ever since my IUIs. Sometimes I think it is gas pain but other times I think it is ovary pain. Maybe I have some cysts? Or a touch of OHSS? I haven't puffed up or gained water weight or anything so I'm not sure what to think.

My post-O temps are the highest ever. Usually I have about 4 days of slow rise before I hit the 98s. This cycle I hit the 98s at 3dpo and they have been high (98.4, 98.3, etc.). I'm guessing it's because I had more corpus luteums so I have more progesterone... but who knows?

I have had a lot of creamy CM almost every day since the IUIs. I have never ever had creamy CM on my toilet paper (sorry TMI)... but a couple of times I have had GLOBS of it. Weird.

So I'm hoping, of course, that all of these oddities mean good things. But only time will tell!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Top of the 6th

I realized that I hadn't written anything over here since we got our last BFN. Whoops. I guess I've been writing too much over on my other blog.

So we started our final injectibles/IUI cycle. When I called to start a new cycle, the nurse who gave me my instructions gave me the same dosage instructions as the last two cycles (75iu for CD3-7). When I said that the doctor said he would be more aggressive this time, she said the doctor wasn't in that day and that I should do the 75iu that night and call the next day. I did, and to my surprise the doctor upped my dose to 150iu for CD4-7!

I went in for b/w and u/s on CD8 and I had tons and tons of little follicles, with one 12mm on the left. I was a little concerned, but they called to tell me my E2 was over 350 and the RE wanted to try to slow me down a little. So I took 75iu on CD8-9 and came back in for b/w and u/s this morning, CD10.

I had nothing going on over 12mm on the right ovary, and I started getting concerned. But my left was having a little follicle party: two 16s, one 15, one 14, some 12s. I didn't get my E2 because the RE's office called me with my instructions before the bloodwork even came back (which I think is weird, but what can I do?). They want me to trigger tonight for IUIs tomorrow and Wednesday.

I was thinking that another night might bump those follicles up a little bit to be 18s or something, but I think my RE is worried that another day of stims will bring the 14 and maybe some 12s up, too, and then I will have too many. I wish I knew my E2, though... so I would know if those follies had nice, mature eggs.

Hopefully this will be our magic cycle. It's our last IUI cycle, at least with this doc since we are moving and wouldn't have time to do IVF with him. We had to switch donors because we ran out of our last dude and we're worried that we won't get the awesome numbers we got from the last guy.

Jen is able to come with me tomorrow, but she is leaving tomorrow night for her new job 2 hours away so I will be flying solo on Wednesday, which should be O day. Sad sad.