The Frankenbaby Chronicles

Two girls, three cats, some frozen sperm, a doctor's office, and a big dream.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Going crazy

I'm having a hell of a time being AT ALL rational about my CHART. It just looks so... perfect and I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up but it is very, very hard. I had a really promising chart once a while back and it was a total bust and of course I am scared this one is, too.

What I haven't told people (on FF or on my regular blog) is that I tested tonight when I got home from work. BFN as expected. It's early, way too early for it to be a definitive BFN and stuff, but I definitely feel sad. This is why I am terrified to test.

I hope my temp is up again tomorrow. If it is, FF will call me triphasic and I will get another boost of hope. I will try not to test in the morning but I really and truly am going bonkers. I just need to know!

I have major control issues.

p.s. Major sadness for Bri and Wes, even though I don't know them.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A new home for old business

I thought maybe I would move some of our babymaking pursuits out of my old blog so it could all be in one convenient location. It's also easier to stalk assorted blogger folks from The Site That May Not Be Named this way.

We're in our third 2ww, our first cycle of injects (Follistim), our first cycle with our new frozen donor dude (lovingly named Dave Navarro) - our first 2ww in several months due to a whooooole lotta TTC drama. Today is 6dpo and I'm ready to find out yes or no. I wish it was an immediate thing.

About us: We're two girls who met in college 10+ years ago at, of all things, a gathering of internet folks. We'd never chatted with each other on the internet really but had some immediate interest. When Jen graduated from college, she moved home which brought her closer, geographically, to Jude's college and they spent a good chunk of Jude's senior year together. Then they went separate ways - Jen to San Francisco and Jude to Boston, then Maine, then New Mexico, then Ohio. Somewhere in there fate intervened, they got back in touch, fell in love, Jen moved to Columbus to be with Jude, they exchanged rings, moved to Boston, got married, and are now trying to make babies.